Zoocobia: Perfect Getaway for Kids & Kids-at-Heart

by Aileen
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Zoocobia Fun Zoo Pampanga

Last Saturday, I visited Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Pampanga to join Dinner in the Dark hosted by Zoomanity Group. I got more than just an amazing meal. Zoomanity treated the attendees to an awesome tour, too.

Zoocobia is a just a few hours away from Manila. It’s a great destination for those looking for an out-of-town family or barkada trip but don’t want to spend too much time on the road. It’s also the perfect place to take your kids for an educational yet fun tour.

I had such a great time at Zoocobia that instead of keeping the free ticket I received from Zoomanity Group for myself, I’d like to share the experience and give it away through a blog raffle.

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Before you get too excited, here’s a look at how your weekend could be like at Zoocobia:

Birds of Paradise

The zoo is composed of different areas. The first outdoor section that we visited was the Birds of Paradise.


Say hello to our winged friends



Philippines’ Pride

Right beside The Birds of Paradise is Philippines’ Pride, where you’ll see all the animals that are endemic to the country such as the Palawan Bearcat or Palawan Binturong.

Palawan Bearcat Zoocobia-Fun-Zoo-Pampanga-5 Palawan

There were monkeys that you can feed, too.


Similar to Sentosa Resort’s Luge, Zooc is a gravity car that you can enjoy in a 400-meter track. With three hairpin curves, this fast ride will definitely be one of your favorites at the zoo.

Zooc Gravity Car


After riding the Zooc, we headed to the barn where guests can feed camels, horses, and pigs.


Animal Bone and Skin Museum

When we were done exploring Zoocabia’s great outdoors, our group checked out the Animal Bone and Skin Museum while we waited for Dinner in the Dark to start.


A camel’s skeleton


Night Owl

Night Owl is an animal show that runs every Saturday until January 2, 2016. It showcases the amazing animals at the zoo and the country’s endemic species.


The show also highlights the Aeta’s culture and history through a dramatic performance.

The Night Owl also includes a LED light show that will definitely be entertaining for kids and kids-at-heart.

Itching for a quick trip outside Metro Manila? Take the whole gang with you and visit Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Pampanga!


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