Virgin Beach Resort: The Perfect Getaway

by Aileen
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Virgin Beach Resort Laiya Batangas

For many of us in Metro Manila, Batangas is often the go-to destination for weekend getaways with friends, families, and colleagues. With numerous beach resorts in the area, it can be quite difficult to choose a place to visit. Luckily for us, Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya made our road trip worth it.

My friends and I have been talking about going on a day trip to the beach the whole summer and on the last weekend of May, we finally did it. Since we all have busy schedules, we decided to skip on reservations and just “walk in” to the first resort available to us. We did prepare a short list of options we’d like to check out. It wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. Most of the beach resorts in Laiya, Batangas were packed that weekend.

Day Tour Rates

Virgin Beach Resort Batangas picnic area

When we got to Virgin Beach Resort, I was surprised at how affordable their day tour rates are. Since we brought food, we only had to pay for the entrance fee (P300/head) and the dining parasol (P1,000). We didn’t have to pay corkage for the booze and food we brought as it’s already included in the entrance fee. Sulit right? [worth it, right?]

If you’re traveling light and want to buy food at the resort, they offer a package worth P1,100 that includes lunch.

Picnic Area

Virgin Beach Resort Laiya Dining Parasol

Planning to grill food at the beach? No problem! Every dining parasol has at least one grill (ours had two). There’s also a sink at the picnic area so you won’t have problems washing utensils or preparing food.

What I like most about the picnic area is that the dining parasols aren’t placed too near each other. Even if there was a company team building that day, we weren’t bothered by the group as the parasols are properly spaced.


Virgin Beach Resort Laiya shore

Virgin Beach Resort welcomed us with a long stretch of shoreline — to our delight! The beach isn’t made of powdery white sand but a mix of fine pebbles, stones, and maybe eroded corals —lending the beach a tan (or an almost white) color. The water is very cool and refreshing to the skin. When in the water, rub your foot lightly on the sand and voila! Instant skin exfoliant!


Virgin Beach Resort bed parasol
  • Bed Parasols – Apart from dining parasols, the resort also has bed parasols. If you’re taking the day tour package with lunch, you can rent a bed parasol for just an additional P1,650.
  • Restaurant – The restaurant is in the middle of the resort, between the bed parasols and the cabanas. It offers a range of items including, sandwiches, pasta, and most of your all-time favorite snacks. Average price for pasta is P200. According to the staff, each serving is good for about two people.
  • Bathroom – I have a friend who is very particular about bathrooms so I had to breathe a sigh of relief when we saw the bathroom. Each cubicle has tissue paper, the bath area is clean, and the water pressure is good enough for a decent shower.
  • Activities and Rentals – Our group spent the day just being lazy, playing Uno Stacko, and lounging at the beach. If you’re more the active beachgoer type, you can rent a kayak, jet ski, or a fly board. You can also try riding their Flying Fish and Banana Boat. The resort also has a volleyball net for those who want a few rounds of beach volley.

If you want to get away from Metro Manila for just a day, head on to Laiya, Batangas and visit Virgin Beach Resort. It’s such a huge place you won’t be worrying about ending up at a crowded beach. So what if summer has ended? You know the beach is always calling you! 


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