Vine Cafe: Not Your Regular Coffee Shop

by Aileen
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Vine Cafe lounge area

There’s a new cafe in Pasig, and it’s nothing like your ordinary neighborhood coffee shop.

For many of us, coffee shops are our go-to places to power up so we can go through a busy day, meet friends, or have an alone time. Rejoice and Erica, the ladies behind Vine Cafe and Fat and Skinny Desserts, understood all that. They even took things a step further by making sure you’ll be getting nothing but good vibes when you dine and hang with them.

Vine Cafe opened doors last September 28, but they have a grand opening event set on October 8 at 4pm. Before things get so busy, we decided to check out the cafe last Sunday. Here’s a peek of what’s waiting for you when you visit them.

Awesome Interiors

The interiors will make you feel right at home. Done by ARTipolo, the art works on the walls, chairs, tables, and even the steps leading to the second floor are all meant to spread good vibes. Every spot at Vine Cafe will give you a reason to smile. And if you’re on Instagram a lot, the cafe has many Instagram-worthy spots —and food.

Art works at Vine Cafe

Vine Cafe Interiors

Chair at Vine Cafe
Vine Cafe 1
lighting Vine Cafe

They used mason jars as pendant lights for the counter.

Bathroom Doors at Vine Cafe

Bathroom doors at Vine Cafe

Cozy Lounge

Lounge at Vine Cafe

The lounge at the second floor is probably the best spot at the cafe.

Enjoy a beautiful afternoon sipping your favorite cup of coffee, eating a slice of cake, and reading a book while beautiful music plays in the background. Or you can just plop down on a floor pillow and catch up with your friends.

hanging out at Vine Cafe

Photo by Miko Flores

We were all smiles as we spend a rainy Sunday afternoon planning out-of-town trips and enjoying each other’s company.

Delicious Food

Vine Cafe Menu

You’ll never run out of delicious choices to try at Vine Cafe. They’re all easy on the pocket, too.

I tried Sisig Me Softly (Sisig Pasta) and Gourmet Mocha. For 195 pesos, I’d say my meal is not only yummy but also sulit. 

Sisig Pasta Vine Cafe

I was expecting the pasta to be very oily since it was Sisig. To my surprise, it isn’t.  I wasn’t too sure about putting Mayo on my pasta though, but I had to try . It is great with or without the Mayo. Other options our group ordered were Eat Me If You Kare (Kare-Kare pasta), 3 Cheese Panini, and Adobo Panini. We also had some of Vine Cafe’s desserts, such as their Apple Crumble Tart, 3C Cake, Mango Pannacotta, and Beehive Cupcake.

Kare-Kare Pasta at Vine Cafe

Photo by Nicole Lumauag Dela Cruz

Eat Me if You Kare (Kare-Kare Pasta)

3 Cheese Panini by Vine Cafe
Photo by Nicole Lumauag Dela Cruz

3 Cheese Panini

Vine Cafe Desserts

Friendly Staff

Vine Cafe by Fat and Skinny

Rejoice, Erica, and their staff know how to take care of their customers. Even though we were at the lounge, they never failed to ask us if we need anything. We also didn’t have to wait too long for our orders to be served.

Overall, it was a Sunday well spent for me and my friends.

Visit the cafe when you’re around the area! It’s along P. Burgos street, near Colegio del Buen Consejo at Barangay San Jose, Pasig. Vine Cafe is open from Tuesday to Saturday until 10 pm. Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Instagram.


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    • Hi Ronalene, the ladies behind Vine Cafe (Rejoice and Erica) were selling yummy cake jars and other sweets before they decided to open up a cafe. They call themselves Fat and Skinny. 😉


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