Surviving #VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries

by Aileen
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#VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries Feature

While I was away on an out-of-town SEO Conference last Saturday, the gang (composed of ze boyfriend, Toff, and Nic) went to Breakout Philippines’ #VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries. They had so much fun, the boyfriend couldn’t stop talking about it when I got back from my trip.

And here’s what went down at Victoria Court, Malate.

Please excuse the quality of the photos; it was pitch-dark inside the room.

The Room

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries room 3
VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries room 2

I booked the Casino Royale room for the gang and it had been the best choice! Not only did the boys enjoy the display of weapons on the wall, the group of actors who accompanied them in the room was also a perfect match.

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries room 1

Initially, I wondered how zombies would fit into a 007 room. It turned out, the characters who will assist —or distract— you from the completing your tasks depend on the room’s theme. For this room, #teamaiquiza (haha! yes, I’m calling them that ) had to deal with three psychos who pushed them to the limit.

The Set-Up

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries set-up 1

Breakout Philippines went all out in making this event a memorable experience for the attendees.

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries set-up 2

From the set-up at the lobby to the actors in the room, the gang knew it ain’t going to be an ordinary Saturday afternoon for them.

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries set-up 3
VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries set-up 4

Imagine attending a Breakout event in the evening when the lights can make everything look spookier!

The Actors

If you’re not familiar with Breakout, the goal is to solve the mystery in 45 minutes.

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries puzzle

For the#VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries, however, solving the puzzle and accomplishing tasks  become harder —or easier (depending on your perspective)— with actors playing with your head and distracting you.

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries actors 1

You shouldn’t let them get into you.

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries actors 2

But with these guys at the Casino Royale room? I don’t think the gang was even prepared for them.

VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries actors 3

If #teamaiquiza chose the Candy Land room, they would have met this group instead. I know what you’re thinking. Hey, those smiles can be deceiving. This group could be more psycho than the group at the Casino Royale room.

The big question now is “Did the gang survive the psychos and solve the mystery?”

#teamaiquiza survived alright, but failed to solve the mystery. Oh well. We will be back!

Thank you for having us, Breakout Philippines!

Did you miss this awesome event? Don’t fret! You can catch Breakout Philippines this Saturday, November 14, at TriNoMa with The Walking Dead Breakout Room. If you’re a big fan of the undead, you’ll have fun beating the time and keeping your wits together as flesh-eating walkers invade your personal space and decide whether you’re a good meal or not.


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