Single Ladies: 7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

by Aileen
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Rose for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re one of the single ladies (or men) who will be spending heart’s day alone, don’t fret. Who said this day is only for couples? It’s a day for love and what better way to celebrate that than to discover how much fun it is to spend time with yourself and learn to love YOU a bit more.

Forget about posting bitter Self Awareness Day posts on Facebook and have fun! Here are seven things you can do on Valentine’s Day:

1. Treat Yourself

Give yourself a little love by spending a day at the salon or spa. Relax and let all the stress from the past week melt away. Have you been planning on hitting the mall, but couldn’t get around to doing it? If you’re not a bitter singleton, brave a trip to the mall and shop to your heart’s content.

You can also plan a staycation at one of the metro’s affordable yet trendy hotels, such as Privato Hotel in Shaw Boulevard. For all the weekends of Feb, you can book a room with your birth year as your room rate. So, if you were born in 1984 like me, you only have to pay P1,984 (inclusive of taxes). You’ll find more info here.

Privato Hotel

2. Visit a Weekend Market

Hey, heart’s day is on a Saturday and you know what that means — weekend markets! Wake up early and take a stroll on one of the many weekend markets around the metro. Visit Salcedo Community Market from 7 am to 2 pm. Don’t forget to bring a big appetite, as you’ll enjoy a range of food choices from specialty food, and ready-to-eat meals to fresh produce. Not a morning person? No problem! Go to Midnight Mercato at BGC from 6 pm to 3 am the next day for a gourmet food fair.

3. Take a Picture with the Eiffel Tower at BGC

Dreaming of visiting the Eiffel Tower? Paris may be miles away, but Bonifacio High Street is just a drive away.

Eiffel Tower by Madison Events Inc.

Take a selfie with this 30-ft replica by Madison Events Inc., call up your single ladies, or steal your girlfriends from their boyfriends for a few hours and take an all girl group pic!

Group pic at Bonifacio High Street Madison Events Inc.

Don’t forget to use #bettertogetherbhs when posting to your social media accounts. Heard some lucky people may win exciting freebies! The Eiffel Tower will be there on High Street all throughout February.       

4. Go on a Day Trip

If a staycation isn’t for you, why not leave town for a day? Awesome provinces are just a few hours drive from Manila. You can also take the bus if you’re not up to driving by yourself. Discover a world outside your city and have fun outdoors. Go on a food trip in Pampanga, have coffee at Bag of Beans in Tagaytay, take a dip at any of the hot springs in Laguna, or chill out on one of the beaches in  Batangas. The world is yours!

5. Join a Speed Dating Event

Single and ready to mingle? Join a speed dating event and try your luck with dating one more time.

50 Shades of Love Speed Dating

50 shades of Love is presented by OZ Bar and Telu Events. This will be happening on Valentine’s Day at Holiday Inn & Suites in Makati. Meet new friends, expand your network, enjoy the night and who knows, you might just get yourself your own Earl Grey. I mean, Christian Grey.

6.  Be Someone’s “Secret Valentine”

If you have a secret crush and you can’t let the love month pass without showing your endearing love —even anonymously— then be their “secret valentine.” Send a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates and leave a short heart’s day note. For a less generic approach, you may also send them something they’ve wanted to have for a long time. Be careful when doing this, however, as there’s a thin line between being thoughtful and being creepy.

7. Watch That Thing Called Tadhana

If you just want to take it easy this Valentine’s Day, why not watch That Thing Called Tadhana, the ultimate hugot film of 2015. Whatever state your lovelife is in now, you’ll definitely be able to relate with the movie. After all, each of us was at one point, broken-hearted, searching for love, and trying to find for ourselves.

Don’t stay at home and sulk this Valentine’s Day! To be alone doesn’t mean to be lonely —I know, I know— we’ve all heard this before. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded, especially when you’ll soon be seeing your Facebook newsfeed, Twitter, and Instagram filled with cheesy lines, promises of endless love, flowers, and lots and lots of chocolates.



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