Salcedo Saturday Market: Offering Delicious Food & More

by Aileen
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Salcedo Community Market Makati

A couple of Saturdays back, Mark and I went to Salcedo Community Market, one of the popular and long-running weekend markets in the metro. Although it is famous for delicious and healthy food, we found more than just great grub. If you’re planning to visit the market this weekend, make sure to bring an empty stomach — and a fat wallet.

Apart from the usual stuff…

Dim sum at Salcedo Saturday Market
Fresh produce Salcedo Saturday Market
Japanese cake Salcedo Saturday Market

We also saw other interesting things. Here are some of our top finds at the Salcedo weekend market:

1. Fruit Shakes and Juices from Arthur’s Superfarm

Arthur's Superfarm at Salcedo Saturday Market

It’s the first time I’ve heard of hemp shakes. Although it says they have many healthy benefits, I wasn’t ready to try one out. We got a bottle of Guyabano shake instead and oh, it was so yummy!

2. Malunggay Pesto from Pinoy Or-dürvz

Pinoy Ordurvz at Salcedo Saturday Market 1

We were just looking for a bottle of chili garlic sauce but we ended up getting a bottle of malungay pesto sauce, thanks to this friendly, young lady we urged us to try their samplers. If you’re conscious about the food you eat, you’d find their products like gifts from above. Why settle for bland, unappetizing diet food when you can prepare healthier dishes with their specialty bottle food? I wasn’t able to get her name, but she said they’re a regular at the Salcedo Saturday Market. You can also check them out on Facebook if you want to learn more about them.

Pinoy Ordurvz at Salcedo Saturday Market 2

3. Stanford x Shaw Fresh Ginger Ale

stanford-x-shaw-brewing at Salcedo Saturday Market

It was Mark who was really interested with ginger ale, so I didn’t even give Stanford x Shaw a second look.When he came back with a sampler though, I changed my mind. We were both enjoying our drinks that I completely forgot to take a photo of them.

4. Indoor, Outdoor, and Aerial Plants

Indoor plants at Salcedo Saturday Market

After my brother gave us a pot of beautifully arranged cacti, we were inspired to start a mini “garden” at our small balcony.  We were happy to find some pretty indoor and outdoor plants at the Salcedo Saturday Market. Many of them were easy on the pocket, too. We got a pot of yellow rose.

Outdoor plants at Salcedo Saturday Market

5. Wood Kitchen Items

Household pieces Salcedo Saturday Market

If you’re into wood and porcelain kitchen items, you’ll love this stall, which is right beside the corndog stand. It has all sorts of things — from bowls and chopsticks to spatulas, butter spreaders, and mortar and pestle sets.

6. Organic Products

Organic health and beauty products  Salcedo Saturday Market

We also came by a stall that sells chia seeds and organic face and body products. Mark wanted to buy a bottle of grapefruit essential oil but the stall didn’t have any. Some of the things we found here are virgin coconut oil, bee pollen honey cider vinegar, raw cacao nibs, and virgin honey.

Because we didn’t want to leave without getting anything from the stall, we decided to try their Honey Propolis liquid soap in lavender scent. According to the product info, the facial wash cleans pores and softens and moisturizes skin. It also protects your skin from bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. As I have very sensitive skin, I am very cautious about trying out new products. Thankfully, I haven’t had any reactions with the facial wash. I have been using it for a few days now.

If you’re not doing anything over the weekend, get up early and visit the Salcedo Community Market at Jaime C. Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati. It starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m.   


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