Privato Hotel: There is More to It Than Meets the Eye

by Aileen
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Privato Hotel, Pasig City

To celebrate Valentine’s day, my boyfriend and I decided to have a staycation in Privato Hotel since we don’t have enough time for an out-of-town trip.

For our overall experience, I’d give this hotel three stars.

Privato Hotel seems a pretty nice place for a staycation. With beautiful rooms, swimming pool, gym, a  chic restaurant, and a roof deck with a view of the city, plus a budget-friendly promo, it had been easy for me to choose this hotel over others around the metro.

If you’re planning to book a room at Privato Hotel for a staycation in Manila like we did, I hope this review can help you.


Privato Hotel Lobby

The hotel’s contemporary style was one of the things I like about it, which was mostly black and white with a touch of orange and gold at the lobby. The look was very pleasing and relaxing to the eyes.

The lobby had a very homey feel. You wouldn’t mind hanging around to wait for the staff to tell you that your room is ready or you’ve been cleared for checkout.

Service and Cleanliness

The staff was very friendly. One thing that I noticed was the way they greet their guests. They put a hand on their chest, bow slightly, and then greet you —with a smile on their faces. It makes you want to do the same thing when you respond to their greetings.

If it was for this alone, I would have given the hotel four stars.

Although the staff doesn’t fail to greet you, some of the staff members, particularly at their restaurant (Piazza Privato) aren’t very efficient.

We arrived at the restaurant for their breakfast buffet at 8 am. When we got to our table, I noticed the empty table beside ours was filled with used plates and utensils. From the time that we got there to the time that we left, no one bothered to clean it up. It wasn’t a busy Sunday morning and the restaurant wasn’t even half full. Even the waitress who served us ignored the table.

Also, when we went to the roof deck to check out this amazing view of Makati City and Bonifacio Global City…

Privato Hotel Roofdeck

a dirty roof deck and bar welcomed us. I understand there might have been a party the night before, given that it was a Valentine’s day weekend but should that be an excuse?

Privato Hotel Roof Deck

We saw a folded pizza box by the bar and several cigarette butts scattered on the floor.

Privato Hotel Roof Deck Bar

There was also no staff around except for the security guard by the pool, which also explained why there was vomit sitting comfortably on the floor by the elevator.


We booked an executive twin from Privato Hotel for only P1,984 through their “Your Birth Year, Your Room Rate” promo. The room was just right for two people. It may seem small at first sight but it had enough space for both of us to move around and sleep comfortably.

Privato Hotel Corridor

This is the corridor going to our room.

Privato Hotel Executive Twin Room

This is the executive twin room.


We got a breakfast buffet for P350/person. For the price, we could have had a better breakfast buffet at a different restaurant.

Privato Hotel Breakfast Buffet

I wasn’t sure what time the buffet started but when we got there at 8 am, it sure felt like the Piazza was ready to call it a day. There weren’t enough choices and the dishes —or what was left of them — were cold.

These were the only items we saw at the buffet:

  • Mini ensaymada
  • Mini cinnamon rolls
  • Bread
  • Cereals
  • Potato salad
  • Hash Browns
  • Pancakes
  • Garlic rice
  • Carbonara
  • Fish fillet
  • Tocino
  • Coffee
  • Orange juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Soup

There was also an omelette station where you can choose your own fillings.


The hotel made an effort to make everything look nice — from the lobby and restaurant to their rooms, swimming pool, and gym. Although it wasn’t really a big hotel, they are were able to maximize the space and offer everything you’d need without making it look very cramped.

Privato Hotel Cake Bar

This is the cake bar by the lobby. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try any of their offerings. Like the hotel’s breakfast buffet, there weren’t too many choices.


We may not have enough options for breakfast, but I did have this beautiful piece of art in front of me while I try to make the most of my morning.


If you had enough of the view, you can stay indoors and just spend time here with your family or friends — or you can go to the pool for a refreshing dip.



For P2,684 (P1,984 for the room and P700 for the buffet for two), I’d say we had a decent time at Privato Hotel. It wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t that bad either. It’s a good place for people who’d be in and out of the hotel most of the day. I couldn’t say the same for a staycation. If you’re looking for value for money, it might be best to just skip the breakfast buffet. There are many restaurants around the area that you can try. Capitol Commons and the Kapitolyo food strip are just a few minutes away.

Privato Hotel, although it’s not the best in its class, is a good hotel that adds an ounce of pleasure for those on business trips —just enough for you to relax and refresh for your next day’s agenda. If they could improve the service of their staff and lower the price of their breakfast buffet (or increase the options), however, then it’d be awesome.

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