Oxford English Dictionary Adds Pinoy Words in Update

by Aileen
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Philippine Flag by Aljarre Lacastesanos

Last Thursday, Oxford English Dictionary (OED) announced its June update, which included various words from Philippine English. You can now find mabuhay, baro’t saya, barkada, halo-halo, carnap, and more in the dictionary. 

According to OED’s release notes, the additions refer to specific Filipino culture and values. Pinoy‘s creative coinages and expressions were also thrown into the mix. If you’re living in the U.S., you’ll now receive fewer blank stares when you say —or ask— “Where’s your gimmick tonight?” or ” The carnapping incident last night made me park my Benz in the garage today.” If you’re feeling stingy and you don’t want to pay for date night, go on KKB (kaniya-kaniyang bayad) and your date will understand that you’d like “to go Dutch.”

These words (and others) were added as they’re not just widely used in the Philippines but also in different parts of the United States where there are large Filipino populations.

Here are other Pinoy words, phrases, coinages, and expressions added into the dictionary:

  1. Barong
  2. Baro’t saya
  3. Pan de sal
  4. Sinigang
  5. Baon
  6. Pulutan
  7. Suki
  8. Bahala na
  9. Utang na loob
  10. Kikay
  11. Balikbayan
  12. Comfort room
  13. Presidentiable
  14. Salvage
  15. Barangay

Others words included in the update are from Canada, South Africa, and South Asia. You’ll also find new subentries, and senses such as:

  1. e-cigarette
  2. meh
  3. hot mess
  4. twitterati
  5. fratty
  6. hyperlocal
  7. voluntourism

Can’t get enough? You can find the complete list of new entries here.


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