Grub Hub: A Must-Visit Food Park in Quezon City

by Aileen
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Grub Hub Visayas Avenue Quezon City

After running errands this afternoon, we — the boyfriend and I — found our selves with absolutely nothing to do. To kill time and fill up our near-empty stomachs, we decided to take a trip to Quezon City and check out Grub Hub along Visayas Avenue.

Grub Hub Food Park QC

This food park has about a dozen food stalls that offer a variety of everyone’s favorites.

Grub Hub Food Park Mang Larry's Isawan

From Pinoy street foods, dumplings, and Japanese rolls to burgers, pizzas, Tex-Mex and other comfort foods.

Our first stop at Grub Hub was at Mang Larry’s Isawan (of course!) but we were so excited to eat our isaw manok that I forgot to take photos.  We’d give it 5/5 because isaw is love.

Grub Hub Food Park QC Brook's Burgers and Comfort Food

Next, we tried Chicken Chimichanga from Brook’s Burgers and Comfort Food.

Grub Hub Food Park QC Brook's Burgers and Comfort Food Chicken Chimichanga

This serving is good for sharing and costs P180. It got 4/5 for the taste, price, and serving from us.

Grub Hub Food Park QC Yzzy Eats

The boyfriend absolutely loved this one from Yzzy Eats by Cafe Terminal.  We find the dip that came with it too heavy for our Bacon Fried Like Chicken so we used the leftover vinegar we got from Mang Larry’s and it worked out great. It’s P160 per cup and if you’re not very matakaw, it’s great for sharing too.  They’ll prepare the food when you order so you’ll have to wait a few minutes but it’s definitely worth it! We’d give this 5/5 overall because bacon is life.

Grub Hub Food Park QC Hokkian Kitchen Shark's Fin

If you’re looking for noodles and dumplings come by Hokkian Kitchen. Their shark’s fin dumplings were good. You get three shark’s fin dumplings for P70.  The boyfriend gave it 4/5.

Grub Hub Food Park QC Papa Natz Pizzeria Supreme Beef

Our last stop was at Papa Natz Pizzeria. We ordered their Supreme Beef Pizza. A 12-inch pizza is good for three to four persons. The boyfriend didn’t care too much for it but I liked it. Just wished they’d take it easy on the oil. Other than that, the pizza is good. I’d rate this 3/5.

We also had Mochaccino from Cafe Fratello and it was awesome. It had just the right amount of sweetness to it.  We wanted to check out Sub Zero for their Gelato but we were already so full. That’ll be for our next visit.

Other restaurants you’ll find at Grub Hub are Wicked Kitchen, Big Tummiez, Noble Comida, St. Mick’s Wing Bar, Mrs. Lumpia, and Chica’s Chicaronia. It’s open Mondays to Sundays from 11 am (9am during Mondays) to Midnight.


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