Food Art by Jannet: Perfect Weekend Activity For All Ages

by Aileen
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food art by Jannet

Ever wondered how those cute rolls and bento boxes are made? Mark and I attended a Japanese sushi and maki food art over the weekend and it was awesome!

Food Art by Jannet was held at Gourdo’s SM Megamall last September 17.  It was a three-hour class that focused on basic food art and presentation. We tried making two different types of maki flowers and Pikachu from Japanese sticky rice. We ended the day with a fun group activity.

Here are three things I loved about the class:

1.  Jannet and her husband were very patient and helpful

Given my non-existent talent in cooking and food prep, I already know I will suck in class but hey, I survived! Thanks to Jannet and her husband for being very encouraging and helpful as I try to create decent rolls and a recognizable Pikachu.

Maki flower food art
Rolls by Mark Javier

It doesn’t matter whether you’re good at cooking or not. You won’t be on your own in class. Jannet makes sure no one’s left behind as she teaches the techniques and her husband is always going around to check how everyone’s doing.

2. The class provided top quality materials

Food art materials

Everything will be provided for you. When we got there, the materials and ingredients were already prepared. The sticky rice we used was from Doña Maria and the knife was from Wüsthof. We also had the chance to wear Gourdo’s aprons — making us all feel like pros . Though we had to leave the chopping board, knife, and apron behind, we took home the sushi mat — giving us more reasons to try out what we learned at home.

Pikachu food art
Pikachu food art still by the boyfriend 

The students also took home their works of art.

3. The participants were very friendly

Food art by Jannet class

I wouldn’t have enjoyed this class if it weren’t for the people I was with. Everyone was very friendly. Carlotta, my seatmate even shared some techniques on the proper way to slice a roll without breaking it.

If you’re looking for something to do with your significant other or would like to try something new, you should definitely attend Food Art by Jannet.  There’s one happening on Sunday, September 25 at Cost Coffee, Bonifacio Global City. Class starts at 1 PM. Check out her Facebook page for more information on her food art classes and her Instagram to see some of her amazing creations.




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