Finn Irish Craft Pilsner Lager: Taste the Legend

by Aileen
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Finn Pilsner Irish Craft Lager Beer

When it comes to alcohol, beer is always at the top of any pinoy’s list of favorite drinks. In Manila, you’ll never run out of beer choices —from local beers to imported ones. With all the options available on the market, many have become adventurous in their choices.

If you’re looking for a new beer variant to try, I’ve got good news for you! PHDeli Corp is bringing Finn Irish Craft Pilsner Lager to Manila! Here’s why you should give it a try.

Perfect Balance of Flavors

Finn Irish Craft Beer 2

Inspired by the popular Finn McCool, this Irish craft lager has a bright golden body and a citrus aftertaste.Unlike other beers, Finn Irish Craft Pilsner Lager only produces medium foam and is just lightly carbonated. It offers a well balanced blend of sweet, citrusy, and earthy taste.

The best thing I like about this beer is that it has very little bitterness even in room temperature.

Perfect for Steady Nights

Finn Irish Craft Pilsner Lager Beer

A drinking session doesn’t always have to leave you dead drunk. For times when you simply want to end a night with a smooth bottle of beer, choose Finn Irish Craft Pilsner Lager. At 4.5% alcohol by volume, a couple of bottles (or four ) will already give you a good buzz.

Ready to try this out? Head on to PhDeli Corp for orders and more details. You can also follow them on Instagram for other delicious gourmet products.

beer burger fries

As for me, I’d be matching this beer with burger and fries that are oh so yummy! More on those on my next post!


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