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by Aileen
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Looking for the love of your life online?, the newest online dating site in the Philippines, brings you a better way of finding your Romeo or Juliet.

Online dating, while not a new concept in the country, hasn’t had the best reputation among many who have tried it. According to Jieneb Kho,’s head of marketing and PR,

We’ve heard everything from how people have experienced being catfished, how online dating is for people desperately looking for love, to even stories on mail-order brides online.

Online dating, however, has gone a long way since then. And is here to make it even more exciting and fun for everyone.

So, how exactly is it different from other online dating sites and platforms?

Building a Community of Single Professionals

Launched last October 14, aims to build a community of like-minded single professionals. According to Jean-Jacques Lafon, the website’s CEO and founder, you don’t get matched with other users based on a computer-generated algorithm. Jean-Jacques also emphasizes that the sign-up process plays an important role in the types of people you will meet. When signing up, you’ll have to answer questions about your career, lifestyle, preferences, and more. profile gives users the chance to get to know each other within a trusted community. No more awkward first dates! It has all the icebreakers you need to get the conversation started. 1

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Enjoying Online Dating

New to online dating? No problem! Jieneb understands that “navigating the world of online dating can be a little tricky especially if you’re doing it for the first time.”

Here are some of her tips to enjoy it:

  • Your photo tells more about you than you think – You know what they say about first impressions, right? Your photo gives people a glimpse of who you are. It goes beyond looks. A photo of you jumping off a cliff shows your fearless and adventurous side. A picture of you at the gym may say that fitness plays an important role in your life.  On the other hand, a photo that shows 80% of your skin may let people wrongly assume that you’re just DTF. Choose the photos you post online wisely.
  • Let’s stop writing all the cliches – Cliches don’t tell anything interesting about you. When creating your profile, skip the cliches and focus more on things you’d like to talk about with someone such as your interests, career, and goals.
  • When you meet, meet at the venue -When it comes to meeting people, safety should be one of your priorities. Try to avoid last minute changes and make sure you’re meeting in a public place. Also, don’t forget to inform a friend (or two) about your plans. Sure, having a guy pick you up at home sounds sweet, but if you’re meeting the guy for the first time, giving him your home address is just being reckless.
  • Say what’s on your mind – Communicating online can be a challenge for some people. Without facial expressions and body language, it may be difficult to determine if someone is being sarcastic or if you’ve offended somebody with your message. Don’t be afraid to ask and speak your mind. It’s better that everything is clear from the start rather than finding out in the end the real deal. Jieneb adds, “saying what’s on your mind also helps you dictate where the “relationship” is going to go. If you meet someone who is only there looking for some “fun”, and that’s not necessarily what you’re looking for, then tell them. Don’t expect the person to be able to read your mind.”

Ready to give online dating a try? Looking forward to giving love a chance? It takes more than just swiping right. Let show you what great conversations can do and “you would never have to go out with a complete stranger ever again!”


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