Detoxify Bar Opens in Shangri-La Plaza

by Aileen
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Detoxify Bar Shangri-La Launch 1

Last Saturday, Detoxify Bar launched their first franchise in Shangri-La Plaza. Known for their delicious and healthy drinks and food options, Detoxify Bar makes staying fit and healthy convenient for everyone. And what better way to do that than by opening shop in one of the popular malls in the metro?

Detoxify Bar Shangri-La interiors

Located at the 5th floor of the main wing, the restaurant features a chic interior that will make you feel right at home.

Detoxify Bar Shangri-La 3

There were also encouraging messages on the walls, which make it easier for you to stick to your diet for days when you feel you’ve reached the end of your rope.

To mark the occasion, personalities known for their fit and healthy lifestyle attended the event.  We’ve spotted Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Phoemela Baranda, Denise Laurel, Roxanne Barcelo, Diana Zubiri, and Eric “Eruption” Tai.  Francine Prieto, Kim Baranda, IC Mendoza, Dolly Anne Carvajal, and Andy Smith were also there.

Because I was too shy to approach any of them and snap decent photos, all I got were “paparazzi” shots. Sorry.

Detoxify Bar Shangri-La Aubrey Miles
Detoxify Bar Shangri-La Phoemela
Detoxify Bar Shangri-La Ai

But I managed to have a photo taken with Joy, one of the owners of Detoxify Bar.

It was a night filled with great food and delicious drinks. Best of all, we didn’t feel guilty emptying platter after platter of their samplers and bottle after bottle of their juices.

Detoxify Bar Shangri-La Food Platter 1

The Green Vegan Detox had a strong veggie taste, which is just right for me, but the boyfriend found the flavor too strong. He settled for the Minty Berry Detox, which he couldn’t stop raving about until we got home.

Detoxify Bar Shangri-La Food Platter 2

What we particularly loved about the food from Detoxify Bar was that they were flavorful but weren’t salty. It simply goes to show that you don’t need to sacrifice taste to stay healthy.

Detoxify Bar Shangri-La Lasagna

Our favorite dish for the night was Detoxify Bar’s version of a healthy lasagna. Their Meatless Pastaless Lasagna is so delicious, we wanted to ask for another serving.

If you’re curious about their juices, here are some of their offerings:

Detoxify Bar Shangri-La Juices
Detoxify Bar Shangri-La staff

When you need help choosing from their packed menu, you can count on their friendly staff to help you.

Are you ready to turn your health around this summer and have a fitter body? Head on to Detoxify Bar at Shangri-La Plaza and rediscover the joy of healthy eating. As they say, “Keep calm and detox.”


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