Coral Firefly Bracelets: Beautiful Charms to Add to Your Collection

by Aileen
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Coral Firefly Manila Bracelet

For some people, gemstones aren’t just accessories.  Many believe that wearing jewelry made of gemstones can bring you luck and attract positive energy. If you are one of them, you’d be delighted to know about Coral Firefly Manila.

Coral Firefly Manila bloggers event

Last Thursday, I attended a media and bloggers event about Coral Firefly, a stone from Okinawa, Japan. Unlike other stones, these absorb light, making it glow in the dark.

Coral Firefly Manila offers three types:

  1. Blue
  2. Pink
  3. Green
Blue Coral Firefly

According to Shigeru Asai, the brand’s CEO, the Blue Coral Firefly means “blessing Neptune” and “perfect combustion.” It can help you concentrate on your studies and maintain peace of mind.

Pink coral Firefly

For love, strength, and wit, think about getting the Pink Coral Firefly.

Coral firefly bracelet sizes

Their bracelets come in different designs and stone sizes. Depending on your style, you can get bracelets with small, medium, or large stones.

Coral Firefly small bracelet

You can get one with small stones for less than P1,500.

Coral Firefly bracelet

If there was one design that stood out for me, it would be this bracelet.

It is composed of Tiger’s Eye stones, Blue Coral Firely, and stones embossed with four mythological creatures. These symbols are culturally important in Vietnam, Korea, China, and Japan. Shigeru Asai said the creatures are the guardians of the North, South, East, and West. Together, these symbols are said to bring wealth, luck, wisdom, and more.

Ready to attract positive energy this 2016? Here are charms that won’t just attract good vibes but also add more to your style — a definite must-have for 2016!

To learn more about Coral Firefly Manila, check out their Facebook page.




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