Bavaria: Perfecting Quality Beer for Generations

by Aileen
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Bavaria Feature

Gearing up for the APEC holiday? Whether you’re staying in, leaving the craziness of Manila for the rest of the week, or hanging out with friends, the long break is best spent with your favorite drink. And if you’re like many of us whose default drink is a bottle of ice-cold beer, you’d be excited to know that there’s a new one to try in town.

Beer Launch


Last November 7,  Bavaria was officially launched here in Manila at UCC Mentore, SM Aura. Bavaria Premium, their flagship product, is a classic pilsner that we, beer lovers, are all too familiar with. BUT! Don’t be fooled. It’s nothing like the beer we’re all used too.

Bavaria takes beer drinking up a notch by not only giving you the good buzz that you need after a long day — or week. It gives you the chance to experience what real beer should taste like, too. Refreshing and light, Bavaria Premium promises a flavorful experience in every bottle, with the freshest spring water from Holland, hops, and premium malts.

Taste Test

Bavaria Premium

Thanks to Bavaria’s cool bag of goodies, I get to try their awesome beer even when it was ze boyfriend who attended the beer launch for me.

Bavaria Premium Beers

With 5.0% alcohol per volume, I was imagining a beer that is similar with regular light beers on the market. Boy, was I wrong. The taste was stronger than I expected —to my delight! Unlike other beers that become a bit difficult to swallow at room temperature, this one goes down smoothly regardless of how cold it is.

One for the road? With Bavaria Premium, it can be hard to just want one bottle.

Bavaria Products

If 5% alcohol content won’t do it for you, Bavaria has more to offer. Bavaria 8.6 is an edgy, strong blonde ale with 8.6% alcohol content. Not a fan of alcoholic drinks but would like a taste Bavaria? Go for Bavaria 0.0% Malt drink. It comes in three delicious flavors: Pomegranate, Peach, and Original.

Take a break and give yourself a treat! Visit a 7-Eleven near you and grab a few bottles of Bavaria Premium. Of course, if you can buy yourself a drink, you also know how to drink responsibly.

Chill out. Be Bold, Be Bavaria.


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