Are You Ready for a NUVALI Lifestyle?

by Aileen
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What would you give to be part of a community where modern lifestyle meets sustainable living?

Imagine waking up to a day when you’d happily open your windows to let the sun and fresh air in and not worry about traffic because your errands don’t include driving through EDSA. Now, multiply that by 365. That’s what your year could look like with a NUVALI lifestyle.

Located in the cities of Cabuyao, Calamba, and Sta. Rosa, Laguna, NUVALI aims to build communities that meet the needs of different individuals while encouraging everyone to take part in saving the environment. Sounds difficult to achieve? Not for Ayala Land, which is known for many sustainable land development projects.

Amaia Steps Parkway NUVALI is just one of the many residential developments in the area. It offers an unmatched condo living that focuses on having an eco-community.

We visited NUVALI over the weekend and here’s a peek of what awaits future residents:

Outdoor Recreation

Amaia Nuvali Feature

Did you know that an average of 55,000 transients visit NUVALI every weekend? This is mostly because of the various sports and fitness events that happen in the area regularly.

If you’re into wakeboarding, you’ll be delighted to know that Republ1c Wakepark is at West Diversity Boulevard, Nuvali. More into biking or running? Not a problem. The community has jogging paths, biking tracks, and trails for you.

Other activities you can do with your family and friends are:

  • Fish feeding
  • Rapelling
  • Camping
  • Football
  • Softball



Shopaholics and those who simply want to unwind after a busy week can give in to their hearts’ desires at NUVALI.

Solenad is an evolving shopping hub that offers a range of options. Some of the top brands you’ll find are:

  • Adidas
  • Bench
  • Brat Pack
  • Nail-A-Holics
  • Payless
  • Quicksilver
  • Restoerun
  • Robinson’s with True Value
  • Stoked
  • The Face Shop



With impressive development plans, NUVALI isn’t just attracting families and professionals looking for better homes. Big corporations are moving in, too.

One Evotech is one of the three office buildings set to rise in NUVALI’s TechnoHub. Its features seamlessly integrate the scenic open areas so you don’t feel holed up while working long hours.


You’ll also find some of the top schools in the country, including Miriam College and Xavier School.

Eco-Awareness and Social Sustainability

Apart from giving you a greener lifestyle, NUVALI helps create eco-awareness and encourages social sustainability through various projects and programs.

To conserve energy, NUVALI has installed solar panels at its guardhouses along Terelay Rotunda, Sta Rosa Tagaytay Road, and Santierra. Community development includes NUVALI’s T.R.E.E  program, which stands for Together Reforesting the Earth’s Environment. NUVALI’s “Alay sa Komunidad” provides livelihood by teaching their partner communities to weave paper baskets and make charcoal briquettes.


During our trip, we had the chance to visit A Glass of the Sea, an exhibit that shows the environmental effects of industrialization. It also gives great insight on sea life and what we can do to help preserve it.


What do you see?

With Amaia Steps Parkway NUVALI and Ayala Land’s commitment to sustainable living, you’re not simply getting a condominium unit. You’re also presented with a better lifestyle choice. The question now is, are you going to take it?

Visit or to learn about these developments. You can also check out or follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more information.


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