6 Signs You’re Becoming a Tito

by Aileen
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Signs of a Tito

If you’d rather turn in at 9 PM than party at the hottest club on a Friday night or choose a pair of boat shoes over a pair of sneakers, then you, my friend, have turned into a tito (uncle). (drum roll please.)

Can’t believe it? Here are six tito signs to watch out for:

1. You can’t believe you were able to live on cheap drinks in your 20s

Drink Alcohol

P90 for a bottle of brandy? No thanks! How about gin bulag- everyone’s all-time favorite back in the day? Hell no! Yes, your taste for alcohol has become much more sophisticated than a few years back. Now, you’d choose that fancy ass single malt scotch whisky over any alcohol you can buy at the nearby sari-sari store.

2. Button-down shirts have taken over your closet

button-down shirt, man with shades

Yes, you still have your statement t-shirts but button-downs have suddenly become your #OOTD. Why not? They’re very versatile. You can go from an office casual look to a date night look effortlessly.

3. You dread hangovers


“Hangover? Ano yun?!” Remember when you used to say this to your older friends, uncles, or parents? Now, hangovers are too familiar and scary that you’ve consciously reduced your alcohol intake.

4. People in their 20s have started asking for your advice

buddies talking

… and you always have “wise words” to share. In addition, your answer often starts with “Alam mo nung kabataan ko” You’ve also suddenly become a love guru. Whether it’s about dating a woman, dealing with being friendzoned, or getting dumped, you’ve got solutions!

5. You welcome the thought of shopping for groceries and tools.

Work Tool Hardware Store Shopping Shopping Cart Store Construction Business

Hardware stores have become your “Toy Kingdom” and grocery time has become a time for relaxation

6. Your list of tito jokes have gone from 0 to 10 (or more)

tito joke meme

It doesn’t matter where you are or who you’re with. You casually throw out tito jokes for everyone’s entertainment and you wonder what makes them oh so funny!

If you can relate to at least one item in this list, you’re becoming a tito. There’s no denying it. Embrace tito-hood and discover a whole new meaning to Friday nights. “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional” –so they say. Hello, tito!


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