5 Upcoming Movies to Watch Out for this July 2016

by Aileen
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The Achy Breaky Hearts, The Shallows, The Trust, The Legend of Tarzan, Alice Through the Looking Glass

July is looking great for moviegoers! Take out your calendar and pencil in a movie date with your partner, barkada, or the fambam.

Here are some movies that will hit the cinemas on the last week of June and the first few days of July:

The Achy Breaky Hearts

Directed by acclaimed rom-com director Antoinette Jadaone, The Achy Breaky Hearts is bound to bring some “kilig” to your weekend. It revolves around 30-something Chinggay (Jodi Sta. Maria) who feels pressured to find a boyfriend. As her quest for true love unfolds, many would definitely be able to relate to her story — after all, finding true love is everyone’s story.

The Achy Breaky Hearts will be released in theaters across the country on June 29th, just in time for the weekend.

The Shallows

The Shallows will hit the cinemas on the same day as The Achy Breaky Hearts. If you’re not in the mood for a rom-com, why not try a thriller flick? Watch Nancy (Blake Lively) try to find her way back to safety as a Great White Shark bids its time to make her a meal. Yes, it’s another shark movie but it’s sort of reminiscent of 127 hours too.

The Trust

Starring Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood, The Trust follows two cops who stumbled upon a mysterious bank vault while investigating a drug invasion.  The movie is directed by Benjamin Brewer and Alex Brewer. It’s IMDb rating is 5.4 out of 10. It received a 57% rating on Rotten Tomatoes’s Tomatometer.

The Trust opens on June 29 too.

The Legend of Tarzan

Alexander Skarsgård from HBO’s famous “True Blood” stars in this action adventure movie. Tarzan, who goes by the name of John Clayton, is living with his wife Jane in London. He was forced to return to the jungle to look into the activities of a mining encampment.

Opening date for The Legend of Tarzan is June 30.  

Alice Through the Looking Glass

If there is one movie I couldn’t wait to watch this July, it would be this! In this fantasy adventure by Tim Burton and James Bobin, Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to Wonderland through a mirror. She travels through time to help the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) find the truth about his family.

Block July 6 and head on to the cinema to watch Alice Through the Looking Glass on its first showing day.

There you have it, folks! With these movies, your weekends for July will surely be a blast!


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