5 Types of Content You Need to Boost Engagement

by Aileen
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Planning and creating content for a website isn’t as simple as many people think. You need to make sure your posts are not just timely but also engaging.

When it comes to content writing, remember that there are different types of content you can create to boost engagement, improve authority, and increase loyalty among your target readers. You don’t have to limit yourself to informational posts, one of the most popular type of content today.

Here are other types of posts you should consider for your content writing strategy:

1. Listicles

A list post makes information easier to digest. As your readers won’t be faced with chunks of paragraphs, they’d be more interested to read —and share— your content. To create a listicle, you have to remember three things:

  • Your list should solve a problem – Don’t just create a list for the sake of having one.
  • Your list should be easy to scan – Many visitors would simply scan the post, focusing mostly on the enumerated items first and then skimming through the explanations once they’ve decided the listicle is worth their time. Make it easier for them to do this by numbering your list or using bullets.
  • Your list should have the right length – While you may need to experiment on what works and what doesn’t in terms of the length of your listicle, top 10 lists have always been popular among readers.

2. Infographics

A study shows that people retain visual information longer than spoken or written content. This is why many businesses invest in infographics, posters, and other types of visual content.

An infographic can help you get a wider market reach as images are shared more often than other kinds of content.  If you’re thinking of writing an article that is heavy on statistics, it might be better to turn it into an infographic to make it appealing and easy to understand.

3. Videos

video post content writing

If you feel like you’re not connecting with your audience, why not try doing a video post? Unlike texts and images, videos can effectively convey emotions and grab your visitor’s attention. Additionally, research shows that videos often receive higher organic traffic than other types of content. Like images, they’re also more likely to be shared than written posts.

4. Surveys

Surveys make visitors stay longer on your website. When they’ve participated in your survey, they’ll be more open to sharing it with their network. They would also be more interested to go back to your site to check the results.

5. Guides and How-Tos

Guides and how-tos show your authority in your chosen niche. When your readers trust that you are an expert in your field, they would be more willing to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. They would also choose you as their reference over your competition, effectively increasing your returning visitors.

Content writing isn’t just focused on publishing blogs. Give your readers more reasons to visit your website and interact with you by creating different types of posts.



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