5 Hair Care Tips from Your Favorite Disney Princesses

by Aileen
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Disney princesses hair care tips

Summer is the best time to let your hair down. It’s the perfect season to take a break from work and spend quality time with family and friends. Unfortunately, it can also be the worst season for your hair. With the heat, your beautiful locks can easily go from fab to dull. Not to worry, though. Your favorite Disney princesses are here to save the day — and your hair.

Many of us have watched Disney fairy tales when we were growing up. Apart from life and love lessons we can pick up from our princesses, did you know that they also have some hair care tips to share?

Here are some of them:

  1. Love Your Fuller, Bigger Hair

    Disney princess Ariel hair tips
    Photo from Disney 

    Not everyone is blessed with hair like yours. Would you rather have flat, limp hair? Don’t be afraid of volume. If you have big hair, use it to your advantage. Learn some hairstyles for different occasions.

  2. Always Brush Your Hair

    Disney princesses hair tips

    Ever wonder why your favorite princesses, such as Ariel, Jasmine, and Rapunzel, always brush their hair? For naturally shiny and beautiful hair, make it a habit to brush yours several times a day no matter how busy your day is. It would also help to know the right brush to use for your type of hair.

  3. Always Wash Your Hair

    Keeping your hair clean will prevent grit, dirt, and dust from making it look dull. Make it a point to wash your hair regularly. When choosing hair care products, pick one that can keep up with your lifestyle. If you’re always out under the sun and battling dandruff and dry hair, pick a product that doesn’t just keep dandruff away but also make your hair soft and smooth.

  4. For Tough Times, Go for a Ponytail

    Disney princesses hair tips Belle

    A ponytail is a practical updo for times when you’re going to be busy and you don’t want to fuss around with your hair. Cinderella, Mulan, and Belle always sport a ponytail when they’re out doing amazing things.

  5. Don’t be Afraid to Flaunt Your Natural Curls

    Disney princesses hair tips Merida

    If you have natural curls like Princess Merida, don’t be shy to flaunt it! Have the confidence to wear your hair down without worrying about frizz and tangles by using the right hair care products.

You don’t need to be a princess to have beautiful hair. With proper care, you’ll always have hair that’s perfect for any occasion and season.


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