4 Tips on Packing Light: Traveling with Less Baggage

by Aileen
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Packing for a trip isn’t easy for everyone. If you’re like me, you’re always probably worried about running out of clothes when on vacation or forgetting an essential item, such as your toothbrush, or your mobile phone charger. You may also be worried about going beyond the baggage allowance.

To get you started on your adventure-filled year, here are some tips on traveling light:

Write a List, Check it Twice

… or thrice.

Having a list prevents you from forgetting to pack important things. It also helps you shorten the time you spend on packing. Set everything you need to bring on one place and then tick off your list as you put these items in your luggage. Go through the list one more time before closing your bag.

Pack in Threes

Whether you’re going on a short trip or a long hiatus, packing in threes helps you survive your vacation without running out of clothes to wear.

On day two, wash one set and wear another the other set. On day three, you can be sure that you still have another set to wear even if the set you’ve previously washed has not dried completely. Follow the routine throughout your trip.

Want to take the easier route? Make use of your hotel’s laundry service or find a local laundry shop if you’re not willing to spend a fortune on laundry services.

Bring Quick-Dry and Wrinkle-Free Clothing

Don’t you just hate that crease you find on your shirt after unpacking it? If you’re not up for ironing clothes during your trip, think about bringing wrinkle-free clothing. Additionally, if you plan to wash clothes on your own, pack quick-dry ones to be sure that they’re ready for next day’s round of adventure.

Mix and Match Items

Want to be stylish but don’t want to bring your entire closet for the trip? Some seasoned travelers often recommend sticking to neutrals, as they are easier to mix and match. Although this is a sound advice (and one that I also try to follow as much as possible), it isn’t always applicable to some travelers – such as those who want to have a colorful wardrobe.

Soft Summer by ashleyrhardt

You don’t have to sacrifice style over being practical, but you may have to tone it down a bit. Instead of sticking to neutrals, you may follow a color scheme for the entire trip. This way, you can still have colorful outfits while being able to mix and match items.

Going on a summer vacation? Choose a soft summer palette for your trip, such as combinations of jade, mint, spruce, and chiffon. Another palette suggestion is a mix of deep rose, baby pink, ruby, and mulberry.

Preparing for a trip doesn’t have to take time, nor should it be difficult. The key is knowing what items you should bring and how to make use of them efficiently during your vacation.

Happy travels! [heart]


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